January 10, 2014

Day 230

Friday! Man, this week has gone by quickly but it felt slow as it was going on, y'know? Like a roller-coaster ride where it feels long while you're on it, but then you get to the end and you feel like you've flow by. It's like that. Actually, today was pretty great because I got a lot done. I'm getting back into the mindset of thesis, so much so that I, in a bout of stress and worry, composed my entire outline and a rough draft of my introduction today, two weeks in advance of the due date! Yeah! What's more, the outline got to be six pages long! So, not to brag here, guys, but apparently put me under stress with an assignment having to do with a passion of mine and I will crank out something for you on the spot. I have no idea how this'll turn out; I talked to my secondary reader about it, and he said that he might have time to look at it this weekend (but no promises), and shared it with my primary reader for him to look at whenever, but this is very clearly a rough attempt at this. I don't like writing with outlines, but for this type of paper and the scope and topic ranging, outlines are essential.

Advanced English was pretty fun today. The teacher was back, and he had us go around the room and share one rule that stood out to us from the dozens of rules from the forty-one writers paper. One of them read as follows:

"Regard yourself as a small corporation of one. Take yourself off on team-building exercises (long walks). Hold a Christmas party every year at which you stand in the corner of your writing room, shouting very loudly to yourself while drinking a bottle of white wine. Then masturbate under the desk. The following day you will feel a deep and cohering sense of embarrassment."

Now, I don't know about you, but I found that one to be hilarious and awesome! This comes from Will Self, who I don't know anything about, but if his books are as hilarious and nonchalant as this quote, consider me a fan! Anyway, the teacher laughed very hard at this because it mentions masturbation, and then later when a student proposed a wild theory about a Hemingway short story, the teacher jokingly accused her of being on LSD. Then, he went into a whole tirade about how he was only joking and vehemently opposes the taking of LSD, and being a dramatic person, he ended his spiel by delivering one of the greatest quotes I've ever heard from a teacher: "Don't do LSD. Don't commit suicide. But masturbate all you want!"

Man, this was a really messed up day...

In Post, we discussed the Presidency of Richard Nixon... not really helping to detract from the weirdness factor of the day, but whatever. A pretty bad dude, but like all figures of history no matter how evil, he was still human, and the teacher did attempt to show that by going through his life not in terms of the wrongs he did, but in terms of looking at those wrongs in the context of the time. This by no means excuses what Nixon did, I'm just pointing out that the approach to the teaching of the class was a good one, and one that I don't often hear about in other schools. A good class today, and a nice way to end the day (the day ending with History, not with Richard Nixon...)

Got home. Now really exhausted. I'm so glad it's the weekend! Get to watch some Buffy and maybe see Frozen again! I also am going to a surprise birthday party on Sunday! Should be fun.

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