January 9, 2014

Day 229

One of the things I find fun to look at is the Top Posts menu on my site, because it lets me see what is popular and isn't popular, or in another light, what does and does not work on my site. It seems to be a bit random: in the All Time viewings view, you all seem to enjoy my essays most, the ones from school or the ones on writing and art and stuff like that. My reviews don't really factor into the viewing pleasure too much it seems. This is kinda saddening, but also tells me that maybe I should do more essay-type stuff (I'll be doing this with my full Frozen review, treating it as a school paper more so than a review). Not that the reviews'll be going away, but maybe an increase in essay-style material would do my blog some good. I don't know. Looking at the stats just got me thinking.

Speaking of essays, I had a free block this morning and I started skimming through one of my books for my thesis called Sex and the Slayer: A Gender Studies Primer for the Buffy Fan, which is really fun, and I loved delving back into it! I read this new passage in there about Giles and his evolving role over the course of the series and how he grew to be a father figure. Buffy herself was also discussed as a mother figure and the topic turned to how that cast her as a defined woman with this masculine role of the slayer and how that fed into modern-day understandings of the working-class woman and all of that... just really interesting stuff and I'm so glad I'm getting back into the thesis mindset!

English was pretty good. We discussed The Plague and it's characters, talked about the narrator and what he knows to be true and what sources he uses for information. I'm really loving this book! It's very... detached, kind of cold, but not boring. It's not badly written, but it definitely has this outside-looking-in feel, which is interesting considering the narrator is supposedly one of the people from the town. We read more of it for the rest of class. I'm loving that this book really tackles how real people would react to a plague like this, and the book's characters react in a very real way: first with mild concern and annoyance, then with that slow realization that there's a plague coming on, and then with panic, and then when the town in quarantined, first with outrage and rebellion and then with just defeat and submission. Very real here, and I like that this doesn't apply to everyone; people do react in different ways than this (the above outline is for the general population). The main characters are all their own persons, so they react differently and have different agendas and use the plague's presence and power for their own purposes. Very suspenseful!

We had an overview of the Industrial Revolution of the 17 and 1800s. Pretty interesting, though nothing I hadn't known before. My teacher made the stuff fun and exciting, though, and I did learn about the social mindset the IR had on humanity in general: a continuation and expansion of the Renaissance Era's general "science rules all" mentality. Pretty good lecture class, though I'm liking Post more this semester (which is odd, because it was the other way around last semester, but whatever).

Violin lesson today was really productive! I have to say, I've gotten a lot better at the Mozart, more comfortable with it, more confident. I'm starting to phrase it better, which is saying a lot, because I'm so focussed on creating the proper style of the music that I often loose sight of the emotion carried along with it. Still, I'm working towards getting it in good shape, and I better get cracking, because my recording date is slated for the 23rd, so yeah! I think it'll be okay. Better work on the Bach too though! Oh my God, too much stuff!

Great day today overall! I'm loving getting back into the thesis mood. I had a meeting today about my Preliminary Analysis. I got a B+, which is pretty good I feel for my first time at this. Next comes the introduction and outline. Pretty crazy!

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