January 8, 2014

Day 228

I'm really liking getting back into the swing of things. I blocked out a shit ton of events in my calendar happening in the coming month, and the second semester is kicking off with a bang.

Advanced English was okay. Our teacher wasn't here for some reason, so we had a sub and did this worksheet that involved writing down ten rules culled from forty-one different writers, all of whom had about fifteen rules each on average. It was an interesting exercise. One of my favorites came from Kurt Vonnegut, who says of the writer "be a sadist". That is such a great rule, I'm so happy that he said that! We were all then asked to write a short one-page story about our interaction with two writers from the list, and we couldn't use their names. Instead, we were supposed to describe who they were based on their rules of writing that we had looked at on the sheet. It was an interesting exercise, and I think my story turned out okay. We also got a copy of our book for this unit, The Half Known World by Robert Boswell, a very interesting look at fiction writing and how to and not to proceed with it. The book is a collection of essays, and I finished the first one, and I'm so glad that he said that the typical workbook questionnaire character things just don't work, not for a fully-developed, three-dimensional character. Very fond of this book.

I got with the recorder who recorded the December strings concert to get a copy of my violin concerto to send in to schools. I also talked with him about setting up a recording session to record additional material for auditions as well. Did this during strings because the class was devoted to All-State practice for tomorrow and Friday, and since I'm not in that program, I got to do this instead. After this, I finished reading my regular English reading for tomorrow, and I have to say I love this book, which is saying a lot because I hated Camus' The Stranger. I've never had such a split reaction to two works by the same author. I either love most or all of the writer's work (and the books I don't love I still enjoy), or hate an author's work and that's the end of it. Never before have I had a complete opposite reaction to one book by an author to another book by the same author. It's just kind of interesting for me.

STAM was okay. We went over the outline of what we're going to be doing this semester, which is going to be a project where we take a survey based around a topic of our choosing. I'm actually pretty stoked about this one, as I may be able to incorporate this into my thesis if I play it right. A fellow student told me that she's seen Frozen and is obsessed with it just like me, so we had a great time talking gleefully about it! Ah, a nice return to the norm.

In Post, we began our look at the '70s. Dear God, the '70s! I love the powerpoint subtitle too: Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'N Roll! We did a broad overview of the decade today, and it was great, because at one point, the teacher is talking about how for a short time, X-rated films were being shown in mainstream cinemas. He mentioned a porno called Deep Throat, and the resulting conversation went something like this:

Teacher: "So there was this film called Deep Throat, a porno film, and next time, we'll see-"
Student: "Wait, we're gonna watch it next time?!"
Teacher: "Oh, God! No! I'd fire myself from the school if I did that! I'm not sure parents would approve!"

Yeah. So, anyway, that was a hilarious moment, and the rest of the class was spent looking at the various types of movies, television shows of the '70s and how they reflected a more open "anything goes" attitude in a rather depressing time. Really fascinating stuff, and I can't wait to start in on this decade next class with Nixon.

That was the end of the school day for me. I wrote in my journal some more today (seriously, I'm gonna be done with this thing by the end of January at the rate I'm writing at), and came home. Watched Person of Interest, and man! I freaking love this show! One of the best crime dramas I've seen, and the mystery and suspense and pacing are al really great! This episode in particular had a great exchange between two characters that really enhanced both as people. Very impressed with this show's third season thus far! And Amy Acker is in it, so that's just default awesome right there.

I'm loving getting back in to school right now. I'm sure when the homework and thesis come back I'm going to dread it, but for now it's great! Can't wait for tomorrow.

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