January 7, 2014

Day 227

Back at school today! I had a really nice day back overall. I started off the day talking with my Advisor about Frozen, because he'd seen it, and surprise surprise, he liked it, and this is coming from someone who doesn't like Disney movies. I also told a bunch of people throughout the day to go see it. It's still on my mind. Can't get it out of my head. Must see it again.

Anyway, classes were great, especially since I only had two of them today! English came first. We started off by discussing the philosophy of existentialism. I hate existentialism, in part because it's just stupid, and also because what I've read of it hasn't been all that interesting. However, the book we started today, Albert Camus' The Plague really is engrossing! It's written very... wavy, like the language of it is rather mellow in tone. Very open-minded. Really cool. I think I'm going to love second semester of this class even more than last semester!

In Modern History we discussed what's coming up in the thesis (dear God, I don't even want to think about it!) and then looked at the industrial revolution by way of drawing! We started off drawing a little village, and then gradually added to it until by the end of the class, my paper was covered in factories, churches, hospitals, jails, pubs, a freaking train track running through the city, and a whole bunch of stuff that had once been houses but had since been drawn over to make room for other stuff because I kept running out of room! It was a very awesome but somehow pretty stressful project!

Had some alumni come back and visit! They were here because they don't start back until next week at the earliest, and we have an annual Alumni Panel where people ask the alums questions about college life. It's very interesting, and being that I'll be in college in August (holy shit), I found it quite informative and I'm glad I went to it. Saw some old friends, too! Very nice to see all the old faces... that I only saw briefly last year, but some of the seniors last year were my friends and it was cool to see them again.

Hung out with some friends of mine for the rest of the day before heading over to composition tutoring. This was a fun day more so than usual, because since I'm arranging the song for senior graduation, I needed to have a crash course in choral writing. Talk about complex being simplified! This stuff sounds really easy when dumbed down and condensed into a ten-minute lecture, but I'm sure once I get cracking on this thing it'll turn into a mess. Also listened to some Bach and analyzed a score of his in the last five minutes. Very interesting course.

Came home, ordered pizza, and watched some S.H.I.E.L.D. Damn, poor Coulson! That dude has been through so much, and while I don't think this story is going to be as strong as Buffy's in her sixth season, I'm still looking forward to what they do emotionally to this character. I'm hooked (only took ten episodes)!

Now off to bed. Have a full day tomorrow! Looking forward to being back in strings and all that. And we start our fiction writing unit in Advanced English tomorrow!

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