January 6, 2014

Day 226

Today is Monday, and that means the return of the AYS program. It was a rocky first night back, I have to say. I was not in shape at all for the music's return, as I had practiced it only a couple times over the break. And the rest of the orchestra was pretty shaky too. I'd forgotten just how hellish these three hours could be if everyone isn't prepared and having fun. Tonight we were definitely not prepared and only having fun to humor the conductor. Anyway, our concert is in four weeks, so we better get cracking!

Watched the second episode of Season Three of Sherlock today. It was pretty good! I have to say that the writing really made you feel the embarrassment and uncomfortableness when Sherlock was delivering his best man speech at the wedding, and the laptop conversation was brilliantly done! I love what this series is doing with it's use of tech, because it's not just about "look, here's Sherlock in the modern era". It's about him using the tech to do more quickly what his 19th century counterparts already did. Very real! The final episode airs next Sunday (I'll probably see it on Tuesday), and man, just like that it'll be on hiatus again!

The Under Pressure rehearsal went alright. Our tempo is kind of all over the place right now, but otherwise we sound pretty good. Like Phantom, I love how tightly knit my school is. The fact that we could just call each other up and schedule something like this is so cool, and that we're all willing to participate is also great! No complaining here. I think I'll have to modify my part a little bit; it just doesn't quite fit in with the rest of the people right now. Off to a pretty good start.

AYS, on the other hand... yeah. I already talked about this above, but man, was it tiring! Tomorrow is back to school, thank God! Being cramped up in this house for the past week has made me oh so bored with the world.

Oh, and just as an aside not having to do with anything here: I just love the random posts the "You might also like" thing generates at the bottom of all of my posts. Always funny to see posts not having anything to do with the one being viewed be shown at the bottom of it. Just something I noticed. If anyone knows like an algorithm or something to make posts that are actually relevant to a certain post show up, please let me know.

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