January 3, 2014

Day 223

Woke up today and had a weird drive to rebuild a lot of the Transformers I had forgotten I owned because they were thrown in a drawer. It was a pretty impressive haul. I rebuilt a good five whole figures, and when your bins and storage spaces reserved for Transformers contain mostly bits and pieces and not full figures, that's a good number. Also found all my 3.5-inch Iron Man figures! Those things are so awesome. Pity they don't have a Mk. 42 in that size-class.

Mom came home at around 10:30 and we went out to Staples to get a new shredder (yeah, exactly) and I got a keyboard for my new iPad! It's pretty nice. I can see this becoming a surrogate laptop. Had some lunch and went to the comic book store. I got caught up on all my books for the past two months and I got another stack of bags and boards. Came home and having just watched Tangled and Wreck-It Ralph, I'm now all into the Disney fandom on Tumblr., so I looked at that stuff for a while.

Went to the train station to pick up my Mom's friend (she's also my friend, but she's also around my Mom's age... I know people were curious about that) from the train station. We had a hell of a time getting there and finding out where we were supposed to go once we got there. We did finally figure out where to stand and which train to look for, and after Ellen (that's the friend's name) arrived, we all went out to Flying Star. It was a yummy and satisfying dinner.

Now seeing about making a Disney playlist in iTunes. Seriously, I am just all over it right now, it's awesome!

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