January 2, 2014

Day 222

My Mom and her friend went to Santa Fe today. They're staying overnight, so I have the whole house to myself! Pretty cool (except the wifi's out)!

Watched the Series Three premier of Sherlock today! I loved it, though I think it was the weakest of the three premiers. It wasn't bad, and I did like how Sheelock is obviously not quiet back yet, but the whole thing tended to drag. That's probably just me though.

Then I saw Tabgled, and that was very fun! In the wake of seeing Frozen, I wanted to see the other Disney films that came out in the 2010s, just to compare them to hoe good Frozen was and I had heard good things about Tangled and Wreck-It Ralph. Beautiful animation and pretty good characters made Tangled  immensely enjoyable! I loved the characters and the chemistry between them and the animation is gorgeous (especially the scene where they're on the boat with all the candles in the air). I thought the last act kinda rushed and there's a huge plot/continuity hole in here. Nevertheless, still really fun, and the songs are pretty good.

My violin teacher came over for our lesson today. We worked on the Mozart, getting the rhythms right. Lots of duples off of sixteenths here and I tend to rush. Still, I'm getting better and it feel pretty confident about it.

Watched Wreck-it Ralph next. Really fun, great pacing, but ultimately the leads memorable of the two I saw today, and neither as good as Frozen. Everything I had heard about Wreck-it was really positive, and I loved all the video game references in here (Sonic the Hedgehog is in a movie! That's so cool) but the characters, particularly Ralph, left something to be desired.

Now heading to bed unless I can miraculously get the wifi to work again. Goodnight, everyone.

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