January 27, 2014

Day 247

Whoo! Okay, today was just a bit of a mess, but lots of cool stuff happened! Lots of laughing, smiling, and some good writing got done today.

Started the day off with Strings! That was pretty fun as we worked on our new music! It's this super cool thing but it has bitchin' hard rhythms and stuff! During that free period after the class, I worked on my Advanced English story! I'm right in the middle of a battle sequence! Pretty cool. Also worked on the outline for thesis which is due tomorrow, and read the final chapter for this reading of Leopold's Ghost.

STAM was okay too. I haven't talked about this class as often here because there really isn't that much to say about it, but I'm liking it a lot more now than I did first semester. Making an effort to learn things helps, as it turns out! Today we went over this packet and I got a better understanding of what was actually going on in it, and we discussed what we're going to be doing next class with our projects.

Advanced English was... yeah. This was actually the part of the day that was good, but also something that I don't really want to remember. Basically, we read our short stories aloud to a group of people and had them chopped down to 500 words (in the case of mine, I had to cut 400 words out!) and then the rest of the time was spent with our teacher pontificating about his life an telling us just these random stories about himself. It was very funny, but damn! And then, to complete the drama, he read this story he wrote a few years ago and he'd never shared it with students before... and with good reason! IT was this story about this man cheating on his wife and having an affair in the workplace, but the teacher must have written this with the spirit of George RR Martin in mind. That's the only explanation I can come up with for this story having some of the most graphic sex actions going on! I kid you not, one of the sentences was "he went soft when the doorknob rattled". Yeah... that... you just don't share that with people, especially with a room full of awkward teenagers! It was quite a story, and definitely funny, but the uncomfortable level kinda startled me. Not something I was expecting from this teacher!

So, after that trauma, I had Post, and we did an overview of the '80s! Really cool stuff here! Talked about Reagan, TV, cars, movies, and yes, the hair! So, yeah, that was fun. Also went over thesis stuff a little bit because people were freaking out about it for no reason. After that calss, I worked more on my Advanced English story and did my STAM homework.

AYS was pretty hectic, but overall quite fun. Scrambled orchestra was really a hell of a lot of fun, and the amount of improvement in just that hour was pretty remarkable. The conductor didn't even conduct, which at first I thought to be kinda weird and would serve only trouble, but it turned out that we really can listen to each other and be competent if we really try. Then we reverted back to the normal orchestra layout and the conductor gave meaningless speeches, and so it kinda fell apart in terms of being helpful and effective. This weekend is all AYS stuff, which sucks because I hate doing AYS stuff , especially on the weekends.

I gues I still have the rest of the week to worry about, though. I'm off to bed now. Goodnight everyone!

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