December 31, 2013

Day 219

I posted my review of "Triage" today, and did a minor overhaul of the site. Got to put in most of the links and fix some bugs in my reviews, so everything looks a little better now. Still not to my liking, but it's okay. I did not get to see Wolf of Wall Street today because I got up too late, but I'm seeing it tomorrow early! That should be really cool. I've heard great things about it, and I'm excited.

I watched a ton of Star Trek today for some reason too. Not sure what came over me. I also worked on my draft of "Toxicity", the final part of the T-Arc review which will be posted tomorrow. I think it's nice that I got all four episodes done by the end of the year, as the timing isn't too dissimilar with what happened to Prime at this point: the show went on a summer hiatus after "Toxicity" aired. I'll not be gone for that long, since January is only a day away, but still, it's kinda cool that I happened upon this timing.

Big new today too, as I received my congratulatory acceptance letter from Whittier! Yay. I checked with the other colleges I'm applying to, and all I've gotta say about that is they need a far better online system. This whole verification circle-jerking thing is really frustrating, especially with expired passwords, different usernames, student or University IDs. It's like someone said "you know what would make the college process even more like hell? Let's put it all in a cybernetic vacuum with incompetence helming the ship!" I got pretty frustrated trying to check everything, but I did finally manage to figure out that all of my stuff was sent in, which I already knew because I knew I had sent it in, and I got emails for two of the colleges that they had received my applications. So, I wasted a good hour to gain no new information. Kinda like watching an episode of Lost.

Still, I am very pleased that I got into Whittier! I love that their mascot is a giant purple pen. This school is so me! I wrote some more in my journal, continuing this story I started yesterday. I really have no idea of where this is headed, but I'm liking my characters I've developed, but still have no plot or structure to what they're doing. Just a free-write for now.

So, today was an awesome day! Got a lot of writing done (I've been doing that a lot of late), and I'm so happy I got into college! Tomorrow is New Year's Eve, and a family friend is coming to celebrate the new year with us! Should be fun.

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