December 28, 2013

Day 217

Met up with my Uncle and his family for breakfast today before heading out back to Albuquerque. It was a lovely Christmas vacation with my Uncle and Aunt and my awesome three year-old cousin! She's so adorable and sweet. I miss them already.

We drove and drove today. It was a bit tricky getting all of our gifts and accouterments into our small car, but we got it done and headed on our way. The trip was pretty long, almost seven hours, and I slept a good half of the way there. We stopped for gas a couple times, had to fill up our tires with air, and having no idea how to drive or the nuances that come with the territory, I was pretty outraged when I found out that air for tires costs a dollar! For air?! Like, that's the stuff we breathe, man! Just seems a little ridiculous.

Finally got home, and I'm a pretty quick unpacker, so I acclimated my loot to its new surroundings. I had to finagle some of my Transformers figures around to fit the new ones in. I really should just get a second shelf for half of my display and make it easier for the whole thing to breathe, but whatever. Put some Reprolabels stickers on my figures, and equipped my Prime Megatron toy with his new Dark Star Saber (God, that name is so stupid).

It's nice to be home now. I'm editing my Overview and working on another thing that I plan to throw up here tomorrow. It's a surprise, so be prepared! Pretty tired and might head to bed soon. Good to be home. Goodnight, everybody.

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