December 27, 2013

Day 216

Went to the local frame store to pick up some frames (...) for some posters that I got for Christmas, and some other photons as well. The store also had a kids science section with a sample box of kinetic sand! That stuff is really cool. It sticks to itself and feels really weird. I wast tempted to get some, but decided against it; it would be one more thing to try and cram in the backseat of our car tomorrow.

After this, we all went to a sandwich restaurant and had a lovely lunch outside I had some cookies for dessert which were nice and gooey! Yum! We came back to my Uncle's house for the remainder of the day. My cousin got a remote-controlled helicopter for Christmas, so we tried to test it out. Unfortunately, when my cousin who is three got her hands on the controller, she made the copter go so high that it landed on the neighvors' roof! Oops! My Uncle had to get a ladder and climb over his house to their lawn to get a signal to make the thing come down. It was pretty funny!

After watching Thor a couple times (it was looped on TV for some reason), my Aunt brought out a photo album filled with pictures of my Uncle being crazy. I was so little in those pictures, and I looked kinda weird! My cousin fell asleep all adorable-like, and then my Mom and I headed back to our hotel.

The wifi isn't working here, so I'm going to have to keep this short, since I'm running on 3G. We packed for our trip back home tomorrow. Now prepared for sleep! See you tomorrow, everyone.

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