December 26, 2013

Day 215

So, I started writing in my new journal today. I have to say, I'm kind of nervous or tentative about starting this up. I don't have very good handwriting, and I almost always start over my introductions or at least first sentences. I also am far more comfortable with computers on account of my mild dyslexia, horrid handwriting, and tendency to start everything over when I get a better idea. But, nevertheless, I did start my first entry today. It's pretty cool!

Today was my Aunt's birthday, so we went out to this lovely little art store and picked out her some gifts. We went to the comic book store after that, and I got my friend a Deadpool comic for her birthday coming up in January.I also saw some really bad looking Buffy figures there! Their likeness was just nonexistent; it was pretty funny seeing the actors cast in plastic!

Came home and played with the three year-old for a couple hours! That was fun, but exhausting. I took a little nap in the middle there, and my brain was I think just brainwashed with Spongbob Squarepants trivia. My cousin is super awesome and cute though, so it's okay. She got a scooter yesterday, and we put that together for her today. That entertained her fro a good twenty minutes and then we headed out to dinner.

Dinner was delicious! I had this club sandwich and it was very yummy. My cousin was pretty tuckered out after today's activities, so she fell asleep at the beginning. We said our goodbyes when we got back to my Uncle's house and headed off to our hotel. Now ready for sleep. Goodnight, all!

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