December 22, 2013

Day 211

Woke up pretty late today and got to work on continuing my Overview. It's coming right along. I also received my Season Three DVD, with audio-commentary, which means that I'll be able to find out just what the writers themselves were thinking when they did certain things. I always like backing up my praise or complaints with info from the source.

Saw The Hobbit too! Man, that was so great! Far more exciting than the last one. That river scene was so intense and amazing. Made me remember how much I loved Legolas in LOTR, and Evangeline Lilly is like the perfect Elf! Smaug was like the best dragon! Cumberbatch did a great job with his voice and motion-capture, and the CG model looks beautiful! I love how the movie just ends with this awful painstaking cliffhanger! We have to wait a freaking year, man!

After we got some supper, my Mom and I unwrapped presents early from the side of the family that we are not seeing this year because we switch off sides every year. I got a lot of awesome things, including the Season Three DVD, the first five volumes of A Song of Ice and Fire with matching covers (thank God), and some awesome Transformers books! Can't wait to leave for Phoenix tomorrow. Should be a fun road trip!

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