December 21, 2013

Day 210

I'm on the final stretch of A Storm of Swords, and I'm loving every word of it! I woke up late today, and accidentally left my audiobook of it playing through the night, so I had to fined my place again. Then of course I read some more of it because it was so captivating. Worked on my Overview today. It's getting there. I'm on to the second section of the piece, so I should have a completed draft by tomorrow or so. It still feels very rough and doesn't flow very well right now, but I'll do some editing on it and hopefully make it clean and presentable come New Years Day.

Went shopping today and got ourselves a little tree and a wreath to hang on our door. We didn't want to get a big tree because we aren't going to be here for Christmas and it's so late already, so we just settled for a small happy tree. We dropped off our Luminaria that we didn't use at a friends house, and then got some yummy Chinese food. Came back home for a little bit before we headed out again to see this awesome NM Phil Christmas concert!

This thing was great! It had a huge choir comprised of both my school choirs and two other school choirs! It was so awesome! The Philharmonic was spectacular of course, and it was such a festive time. At the end, we had a sing-along thing. It was so much fun and the choirs sounded gorgeous! I liked seeing all my friends up there singing. I came home again and wrapped my Mom's Christmas gift myself for the first time! I'm not good at wrapping things, so I've always had other people do it, but this time I was behind, so I got me some wrapping paper and did it! It's very sloppy and I accidentally put the package upside down when wrapping it, but it's okay.

Tomorrow we pack for our trip and unwrap gifts from the side of the family that we won't see this year (because we alternate every year) and see The Hobbit! Super pumped about that.

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