December 20, 2013

Day 209

I'm on VACATION! I of course had to launch into the Christmas break by going to social security for the umpteenth time. It didn't take that long (only two and a half hours) and during the waiting period, I got to listen to more of A Storm of Swords! Tyrion's trial is pretty intense! And I'm a big Jaimie fan. After social security, my Mom and I went to renew my library books and eat some yummy lunch from Saggios, which of course meant that we had like half of our food left over because the helpings there are ridiculously huge!

So, we returned home and I began an arrangement of Under Pressure for violin which will hopefully fit into my group's attempt at putting on that song for a Morning Meeting someday. It's actually a really cool project! I'm working with two of the people I worked with on Phantom, plus two new people! And we have drums this time! Woohoo! My violin part is... kinda messy. I didn't really know what to take out of the guitar part and backing vocals and piano part to make my own thing, so I just kinda plastered together some stuff and made it sort of work maybe. It gets better as it goes, because by the end, the violin is truly in its own element. I sent it off to our pointman for review, so he should get back to me by tomorrow. I'm really stoked about this whole thing! It's so exciting that we can just call upon our friends to break out these talents that I didn't even know they had. I've known a member of this group for seven years and only now have I learned that she plays the drums! We rehearse first thing January 5th!

Watched Elf because it's Christmas time! We were going to go see The Hobbit, but my stomach got all achey, so we stayed home and watched this instead! It's so funny, this movie! I loved it because the message is universal and it has so much realism in it. I'm noticing that I'm veering away from putting maybe insightful (though more like rambling) things in these posts and have instead kinda gotten back to the earlier style of just going through my day. I'm kind of okay with this for now. I think I'll have more to say once I don't have vacation interrupting learning every two weeks!

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