December 17, 2013

Day 206

Day two of my last round of finals for high-school continues! Had my Advanced Writing final today. We handed in our plays and put them in envelopes to be sent off the the New York Young Playwrights Competition in 2014! All submissions get professional feedback, which I think is awesome. Our teacher was late to our final, so we ended up waiting for about a half an hour until he showed up. My friend got into Cornell University yesterday, so I congratulated her! That's super cool.

Came home and colored in my comic book for History tomorrow. I like how it turned out. I think it could have been better, but it's okay. I then had a long long long conversation with my cousin over the phone about all sorts of things. We talked about Ice and Fire, Thor The Dark World, college life for him and compared our finals and our classes. All sorts of crazy stuff. It was a great conversation, especially since I don't get to normally talk to him... y'know, since he's in college and on the other side of the country.

Composition tutoring was fun. I showed my tutor the recording my Mom did of my concerto being performed. We worked on the second movement of that concerto today; it's the last movement that I'm writing of this thing. I wrote and revised the third movement, but the second took a while to get going. I actually only kept the last measure and a half of my original piece before completely revising it and turning it into something completely different. It's okay, though. I like the new version much better.

Ate pizza, and now headed to bed. I'm so glad that tomorrow's final is in the afternoon!

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