December 16, 2013

Day 205

First day of finals is done! This was the day that I had my only true test of this year. STAM went okay. It was easier than i had anticipated, and I got done only a few minutes after time was called (because I have extra time as an accommodation). Post was the second final of the day, and we watched the rest of Malcolm X. I really liked it as a film, far more than the book. The montage of him speaking and then that overlapping with MLK Jr. speaking was great! It was a good end to the beginning of finals week.

I came home and began work on my Prime Season Three overview by rewatching all the episodes from that season. I got about half way. I'm gonna tell you right now: this season is so much better than Season Two! Then I read some more of A Storm of Swords, and oh my God, Martin! Give us a break! Another death?! Are you kidding me?! Are weddings the new battleground? Jesus! I actually called my cousin up on the phone (a big feet for me, because I almost never call anyone on my phone for some reason), and left him this long message about this, and then when I got done, he left me a text saying that he couldn't talk right then. All my emotions are bubbling to the surface!

I also found out today that Lindsey Stirling is going on another US tour! She's of course not stopping at my state, because no one ever does. I'm serious; all the bands and artist literally circle my state, and then just pass us by. Like, thanks guys! But, I'm gonna maybe go see her again! That would be so great!

It was a good day today, especially since we didn't have AYS rehearsal! Tomorrow I have Advanced English! Sweet!

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