December 15, 2013

Day 204

Have to say, I'm looking forward to this week! I'm feeling pretty good about finals, and it'll be so nice to have this two-week vacation! I studied a lot for my STAM final tomorrow, and also worked on finalizing my Advanced English play for Tuesday. I'm still a little confused about the title page format, and the format of everything before the play actually starts; stuff like the character list, any notes, and other stuff still confuse me, because the people we're submitting this to have a specific format that they want our plays in, and our teacher hasn't really talked about that in much detail. Oh well. I'll meet with him tomorrow and show him what I understand.

My friend and I got into a huge conversation about Buffy and Ice and Fire, because both of us are mourning characters that have died in both. My friend is distraught over Angel, and I'm all messed up because of Ygritte and the Night's Watch and the Red Wedding! Yeah, we're kinda emotionally taxed!

The AYS concert was a blast! It was the shortest concert in terms of how much I had to actually play, because the orchestra was reduced for most of it to help balance out the choirs (yes, that's "choirs" plural!) so I was backstage for the majority of it. The three pieces I did play were awesome, though! We had guest conductors, a children's choir, an adult choir and a youth choir, which is like us but with singing! It was pretty awesome! After this, my Mom and I went to a local restaurant for dinner. I had a cinnamon role for dessert! Yum.

Came home and now I'm studying again for my STAM final tomorrow. I really hope this thing goes well. I'm also planning on having my Transformers Prime Season Three Overview up by New Years at the latest, like last year, and we'll continue our look at the T-Arc in January if not before then.

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