December 14, 2013

Day 203

Woke up late this morning to go to a violin lesson. We worked on the 2nd movement of the Mozart violin concerto no. 3. It's beautiful, but very tricky! I like it though. I was kinda tired because I woke up so late, so I went back home and took a nap. My Mom wrapped gifts and watched The Fellowship of the Ring, and I woke up in time to see Gandalf fight the Balrog! It was epic!

I worked on my English final. On the final, we'll be given three choices of subjects to write a paper about. We were given a handout with four choices of paper subjects and asked to create outlines for two of them, because one of the choices won't be on one of the ones on the test. So, I did that, and I'm liking where it's going. One of the papers looks at education and the philosophies behind it, exploring it in The Tempest and in Dawn. The other paper is about how we view history, specifically the European conquest of the Americas, again relating that to The Tempest and Dawn. They're both very interesting subjects, and my outlines for both are pretty good, though I like my education one better. I also colored in my children's book comic for my Modern History final. I find it kinda odd that I didn't do any STAM studying, despite having that first Monday morning.

My Mom and I went to this charity Christmas concert. Audience participation was mandatory, so we got to sing Christmas carols! The orchestra was amazing; all volunteer musicians. My violin teacher, orchestra teacher, and the choir teacher from my school were all there. The choir teacher led us in song, and it was a lovely time. My friend and his family were there helping out, because the charity was for the families of the Arizona firefighters who lost their lives. It was a moving evening.

Came home and read some of A Storm of Swords. Ygritte died, man! I think Martin and Whedon should sit down and just have a laugh over how they've made their fans cry over everything they write! I like how Bran is now completely enveloped in Summer's POV; like, he can just go there now whenever he wants. It's like an addiction almost. Pretty cool! I have a concert tomorrow, and more studying!

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