December 13, 2013

Day 202

I am now officially done with classes for the semester! Next week is finals, and then I'm on break!

I got all my late STAM assignments in, and did my test corrections! I feel pretty proud of myself, though I know that I should have done all of that when it was assigned. I'm usually better with that sort of thing. Hopefully I'll do well on the final and be able to bring my grade up to a B+ again.

Watched Malcolm X in Post today! I'm really loving it! We finish it off next class. I actually like the film better than the book. I like the choices that the film makers made, especially the prison section. I think for a film, what they did worked far better than how the book approached it, and I like that the film still incorporates narration, so it's not losing so much out of the book, which is good. I'm so glad that this is the thing that we're doing for our final in this class. I don't think I could handle a Post test, especially since I haven't really been taking notes! The teacher even said it was okay that I didn't do it; be kind of a dick move to say that we now have a cumulative final!

In Advanced English, we read the penultimate three plays that we have. One of the kids plagiarized big time with her play. She literally copied the opening scenes from The Last of Us word-for-word, name-for-name (except for one character, who's name she changed), scene-for-scene. In fact, the only thing original that she did was cut a scene... Yeah. It's bad. I also don't like the fact that she just copied and pasted a thing from another source without credit, while the rest of us had to work hard on our plays. And yes, I worked hard too, even though I took elements from a previous fic I wrote, and ideas from a Transformers comic. The difference here though is that, first, the words on the page are all mine. It's impossible to plagiarize yourself, so I think it's okay that I did this, and second, the ideas that I got from the Transformers comic were then expanded upon and shifted in my play; I delved deeper into what the comic was trying to say, and turned it into something unique. This person didn't even do that. She literally stripped these couple scenes and slapped her name onto it. I'm not saying that I don't know where she's coming from. I do. I've done it before, and I've learned. And hopefully this is her first time doing this sort of thing and she'll not do it again.

Anyway, rant over. I got hot chocolate and candy canes for free in between classes! Amnesty International was giving them out! Yum. I then went to strings where we went out to a Thai restaurant to celebrate a classmate's stay with us. She's moving to Cairo! That's pretty badass! She's moves a lot apparently, because her dad's a diplomat, so she only stays in one place for about half a year. She said she really liked our school, and we got her a picture of our class as a gift. It was yummy food, too.

Got back to school and headed home. The AYS rehearsal was probably the quickest one that I'll ever have. Only went from 6:30 to 7:20! Nice! Not even a full hour. Huzzah! We rehearsed with the choir, and they sound fantastic! Totally able to cover up all the mistakes I'll make during the concert on Sunday, so that's good. Also, my conductor congratulated me on my performance on Tuesday. That made me happy.

Off to bed now. I have a violin lesson tomorrow and a lot of STAM studying to do for Monday! Yay (not).

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