December 11, 2013

Day 200

Yay! 165 more days to go!

My good fortune and great week are continuing today, as I won my chess game and my team won the meet! Woot! It was an okay meet, but there was way too much talking, and truthfully, the game I played wasn't the greatest, but I won, dammit, and I'll take my wins where I can get them because they happen so rarely.

I received numerous congratulations today on my concerto performance yesterday, even by people who weren't even there. People loved it, and people were happy for me, and I'm proud of myself. I feel very awkward acknowledging that I did something that impressed people, because that doesn't happen a whole lot, and so when it does, I always feel like I'm milking it and becoming an attention-seeker (kinda makes you think about the prospect of this blog, doesn't it?) and I feel a little uncomfortable when I receive praise, especially when in front of my friends because I feel like I'm flaunting it in their faces. I'm not, or I certainly don't mean to be, and if you ask them, I'm sure they'd say no, but I still feel like that, possibly because I know a couple people who get this sort of attention far more than I do who have big egos and who love the attention and totally will flaunt it in my face. I guess I'm trying not to emulate that. But nevertheless, I do appreciate the praise!

In Creative Writing, we read through a student's play that was very fun and lively! It was about these highschool students who all embody one of the seven deadly sins! Yeah! It was quite a cast of characters. The gluttony and sloth characters were my favorite. Then the whole class was like, we should write a musical! Then everyone realized that they had lives and other stuff they'd need to do, so that was dropped. But my friend and I were like, no, we're going to fucking do this because we're awesome! So, I guess we're doing this now.

Another friend and I did an on-the-spot humming duet, which was actually one of the coolest things ever, because I just started humming a tuneless thing, and then my friend joined in and she was also tuneless for a little bit, but then we started developing a key and pitch and we totally were in sync with each other and it turned into this whole Baroque period piece of improv awesome! It was so great! Then we were like, we should totally turn this into a violin/flute duet ('cause she plays flute), and so we started up a score, and it's awesome! I'm so happy!

In Post, we started watching the 1992 Malcolm X with Denzel Washington. It's a very good interpretation of the book, but it skips around a lot, and I'm curious if anyone who didn't read the book would be confused as all hell or not, because it's already very confusing to those of us who know where everything goes. It's a great movie though, and we'll be spending the next class and our final exam period finishing it off. It's about three and a half hours long! Jesus!

I worked on some makeup STAM homework and test corrections, then headed off to the chess meet after I had some supper (this was a horrible summation sentence; sorry). Like I said, it went well. So, I came back home and then I made the now-leaning-towards-regretting-this-decision decision to restore my iPhone to it's original settings in lieu of trying to sync it to iTunes in some other way. The reason I regret this now is because all my stuff on the phone not backed up is gone. Admittedly, it wasn't much; just a few photos and notes, but even so, it kinda sucks. Hopefully it'll sync to iTunes now though! Also looked as Christmas presents online with my Mom for our family. That was fun, because my baby cousin is into Transformers now, so we were looking for simple ones with large pieces that she can't eat! It was a good day, and I don't have anything in the evening of tomorrow! Whew!

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