December 10, 2013

Day 199

One day away from 200! Pretty crazy!

I guess my good week is continuing! I just got back from performing my second violin concerto! It went very well! I have to say, the orchestra held together, and they sounded great. The audience loved it, and I feel very proud of myself. The rest of the concert was excellent as well! We all played very well and we totally rocked! I'm so happy for all the friends and teachers I have around me that helped me to put this on!

I made some good progress on my History children's book. It's turned into a comic book that is really quite funny, because all the people are drawn like little chibi people! It's so great! I also love drawing the little cartoon ships and water and such.

Got our final info in English. This final looks to be partly grueling and also pretty fun. Have to write an in-class essay which'll be cake, and we also have to do these passage-identifying things, which I'm never good at. Luckily, I have until next Thursday to prep for that one, because that's my last one, so that's nice.

Not much else to report about today. I hung out with some friends during my frees, and I ran around like a T-Rex! Yeah! It was fun, but I'm afraid that people may think I'm just a tad strange! Tomorrow is a chess meet. Let's hope my good luck and fun doesn't stop here!

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