December 9, 2013

Day 198

Bosque Strings through the years! Love you guys!

Today is the first in many days I'm sure of seniors reminiscing about the last six years, tears being shed, pictures being taken, and friends being friends! I find it amazing that we've come so far, endured and grown so much, made new friends, strengthened old friendships, learned so many things, and really just developed as people as we are to do in the stages of Middle and High School. Certainly this will not be the last time I mention this, and I do intend to do a retrospective post at the end of my senior year in May, but yes, I cannot deny that tonight was nostalgic and certainly a hell of a lot of fun!

To start off the week in such an awesome way was a treat! I began my day with Advanced English, presenting my play to the class. It went over pretty well, I think. Many people loved it, and there was only slight confusion, and even then only because I forgot to switch a name around in the script. This play has much less movement than my first one; mostly it relies on characters talking and enunciation, because I wanted this to be more of a play about morals and ethics. I'm pretty happy with it overall.

Strings was pretty cool! We rehearsed Mad Russian with our electric guitar finally, and it sounds pretty dope! I'm really loving that piece. We practiced my piece too, and it sounds so good! The orchestra really just blew me away with how light and sprinkley they were with the whole thing today! Let's hope they'll be able to pull that off tomorrow in the concert, and by God, let's hope I don't mess up like I do every single time I perform!

Post was pretty depressing, because our teacher had to leave to euthanize his dog, poor thing! Yeah. And then to complete the drama, he left us watching a documentary about the Wounded Knee Incident. Yeah, it was just a sad story! The documentary itself was very interesting. I had actually no knowledge of this event until today, and the documentary informed me well, I think.

Okay, and I've gotta say, I'm so glad I didn't go to AYS tonight. Senior Dinner was amazing! First off, we had awesome Mexican food, and the gift exchange was great! I got a journal from a friend of mine! She got it because she knew that I loved to draw and write, and seeing as I had been wanting a journal for some time now, this was a perfect gift. The gift I got for another friend of mine was very well received. He loved it so much that when he wore it and showed it off to everyone, he was like "Luke must have researched me!" I guess I know my friends well?

One of the best parts about this whole night was the piñata and how insane we are at hitting things! Good God! We were blindfolded, spun around, and then ordered to swing this huge stick of wood around, hitting the piñata! And man, this thing must have been the most durable piece of shit ever! Seriously, this one really strong kid took a pretty vicious swing at it and was only able to dent it! One of the teachers took a whack at it and only managed to dent it again, and it ended up taking like half our class to bring the thing down! I apparently went mad when it was my turn! I was just swinging this stick around, all crazy like! It was great!

The best part of the night by far were all the pictures! My class first took pictures of the 2014 boys and girls, then we split up into our sixth grade section rosters and took pictures of ourselves in that. I couldn't remember which sixth grade section I was in, so I missed out. Up top you'll see we got our Middle and High School Strings people in one photo! I am just so happy we got that! I need to work on my smile, though! Jeez! It looks like I had a lemon and I'm about to crack up laughing! It was a great night full of fun and laughs and hugs and pictures and nostalgia and just love all around! Not the mushy romantic love, but love of people who we've grown to know over the past six years! It was so great!

Tomorrow is the big Strings concert! Wish me luck!

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