December 7, 2013

Day 196

I'm always impressed at how devious Albuquerque weather can be. Like, it's sunny out but freezing, or it's cloudy out but sweltering. Today it was cloudy and cold and windy, though, so that was nice. I mean, it was nice that the weather wasn't deceitful as it sometimes is. It was hell today, though. Spent the day prepping luminaria bags for delivery. That's pretty much all I did today. I'm so stunned at how fucking cold it got! I had on two pairs of woolen socks, boots, long underwear, jeans, shirt, sweater, and heavy jacket, gloves and hat, and I was still so cold by the end, I could hardly move my toes! Jesus! Had to wake up at 6:30... on a Saturday! There should be a rule against that. Did the luminaria thing until 5:00. Yeah! Eleven and a half hours of tedium and cold. Must be what it's like to be in the constant company of Justin Bieber, only with luminarias there's less horridness and want of squeezing your eyes out.

On the bright side, as a result of the plodding day and tedious work, I got through a huge chunk of A Storm of Swords. The Red Wedding finally happened and holy hell! It was pretty awesome and sad and just made you want to punch GRRM in the face because Arya was so close, man! She was like right there! Right outside the freaking castle! Argh. I like how subtle it was too. Like Catelyn is all ooh, I don't feel well, then she's insulted and then BAM! It just hits you with no warning! That's how you do a massacre scene, man! Just make it brutal. And damn, Robb just gets it right there in the chest! Like, none of this half alive shit over here, no! He just dies like right there! I don't know, I think GRRM really hates the Starks for some reason.

I came home and had some hot chocolate, practiced the violin, worked some more on my play, and am now really tired and headed to bed. I'm sleeping in tomorrow, dammit!

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