December 6, 2013

Day 195

No snow day or two-hour delay today. It was okay though because I only had two classes today, and I turned in my PA finally! Woot! In English we read some Plato, which was cool. It was Plato's transcription of one of Socrates' dialogues on writing and how it's bad... this is pretty much why I think Socrates is an idiot. Anyway, then we tried to relate it back to the book we're reading, and it didn't work for me because unlike Plato or Socrates, what Octavia Butler is saying in her book through the aliens is not profound, noteworthy, and certainly not unique. Plenty of other writers have done what she is trying to do, and most have done far better than her at expressing their ideas of writing and human vs. alien societies and values. So yeah, I'm not really a fan of this book, nor am I a fan of how my teacher is trying to get us to look at a source far more sophisticated than the book we're reading and relating that source back to it. It just doesn't work for me.

History was fun, though. We looked at some examples of the History final, in which we are to present our own children's books about an event or person or phenomenon from the 1500s through the early 1800s. I first wanted to look at the Battle of Balaclava, but I did a little digging and found it to be pretty boring. It's just not really that interesting. The poem that came out of it is awesome, but the battle itself, or at least what I found out about it didn't really sustain my interest. So, I've decided to write and illustrate my version or interpretation of the Spanish Armada! Yeah! Blackwater Bay inspiration! That made me want to start up A Storm of Swords again, so I ended up reading for the next two hours before I left school.

Spent the night at the Luminaria house filling up the bags with sand and putting candles in them and then double-stacking them and then putting a dozen into trays. This is pretty much what I'll be doing tomorrow, and oh my God it was so fucking cold! I mean, it was so cold that when I got home and took off my clothes to take a shower because I was freezing, my toes were blue! Yeah! It was freezing. Had some yummy hot chocolate, though, so that was great, 'cause I love me some cocoa!

I came home and I found this horrible post about Joss Whedon and how he's not a feminist. Now, this is a pretty hot-button issue in that as soon as you say this, fans of Whedon will immediately jump down your throat and call you horrible things, and to some degree that's what happened when the person posted this on Tumblr: people got really upset. But then there were the people who said "y'know, I may hate that this is true, but it is true". Because all of the points that this guy made were facts. And people don't like to think that their idols are indeed flawed, even cruel asshole people sometimes. And yes, what this blogger pointed out about Joss Whedon is true, but I don't think that makes him a bad person as a whole. I think he just messed up. We all do it. This does not diminish what he's done for our culture in his television shows. And that's the other thing. People started coming down on Joss for how he writes. I'm sorry, but the man knows how to write good stories and characters. The fact that he slipped up a couple of times has nothing to do with his writing style and mastery at character development be it male or female. I agree that these things are bad, but what he's done for our culture is a huge amount of good, and if he wants to call himself a feminist because he supports equality for men and women (which is what feminism is at its core, or at least should be at its core), then great.

Here's the original post if you're interested. Also, check out some of the responses. Some of them are very interesting; others just make you want to kill the person who wrote them with your foot!

Anyway, I should get to bed now. Have to get up tomorrow to spend my Saturday filling up and shipping Luminaria bags for no reason because it's stupid.

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