December 5, 2013

Day 194

It snowed today! Unfortunately school was not cancelled as it should have been. It was okay for the morning though. In Post, we watched some snippets of '60s and '70s television like Star Trek, and The Bradey Bunch. It was a pretty relaxing class.

In Adv.anced English, we looked at three more student plays. They were pretty good. It was in this class that we got the news the my school was now on a voluntary dismissal, meaning that anyone who wanted to leave could with parent approval. This made the rest of the day feel very long and tedious because I couldn't get picked up.

In strings, we played through our pieces and also admired a really adorable pure-bread German Shepherd puppy! Yeah, he was super cute! The snow continued to fall pretty heavily and it created this kind of dreamy feeling. I don't know, it was pretty nifty.

Had a free in STAM, because the class was so small because everyone left 'cause of that whole voluntary dismissal thing, so the teacher dismissed us. I'm making my way through Lilith's Brood, and I've gotta say, it's getting worse and worse as I get deeper into it. Everything the aliens say and do is self-contradicting and stupid. The whole idea of these guys is one of the worst I've seen in sci-fi, and I've seen the Tack-Tack on Voyager, so you know we're talking seriously bad here! Anyway, I did that then left because my mom picked me up right after school. Turns out her worked got out early too ! Nice! Got some food, went home for a couple hours, then headed over to violin lesson.

Violin was good. We practiced my piece for the final time before Tuesday! I'm in pretty good shape, and my teahcer's even coming to see the concert! Awesome. I'm so happy and thankful that she worked with me on this thing. I'm hoping all the work I did with this pays off next week! Here's hoping for a snow day or two-hour delay tomorrow! Night everyone!

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