December 4, 2013

Day 193

I didn't die today! That's a good thing. I took the bus this morning, so that meant I had to get up super early (okay, half an hour earlier than I normally do, but it's significant for me, okay?!) it was an uneventfull ride, and I got to school a good fifteen minutes earlier than normal! Huzzah!

Today was Waffle Wednesday, so I got myself some yummy waffles for breakfast at school! Sweet! It was a nice way to start the day off. In Modern, we learned about the ending of the French Revolution and the beginnings of Napoleon and his life. Pretty crazy ! I love this history, especially the way the teacher teaches it because it's like a story that he's telling and it's awesome. Next class we're looking at our final project assignment which is creating children's books about something in the nineteenth century. I plan to do mine in the French Revolution, because I like that topic!

Strings was nice today, as we played through my concerto. The first violins are getting better, though my teacher made the threat that if they don't get the intro more solid by tomorrow, she'll have to cut it, which kinda sucks. I'm sure they'll be fine. I got new strings on my good violin today, and I'm to bring it in to rehearsal from tomorrow until the day of the concert for proper rehearsal with the sound I'll be using on the concert. The new strings sound pretty good. The G is a little tin-like, but I'm sure with time it'll get better.

Iin English, we talked about the first reading a lot. I really like the philosophical discussions going on in the book , but the aliens are just not doing it for me. We looked at the concept of choice, how we're often manipatsd into thinking we have choices when we actually don't, the positions of power and his that can influence choice, etc.  It was a neat discussion. The. We spent the rest of the time reading.

My Mom came and got me early from school today. I read the section of the book for English we have to read by Friday, and then practiced the violin. It was a nice evening. Really tired now because I got up so early. 'Night all!

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