December 2, 2013

Day 191

Back in school for two weeks before finals! Woot! Yeah! Started off the two-week adventure with STAM... not the most adventurous way to start things off. We're learning about qualitative variables and data now and how to interpret them, as well as going over some review for our final. It wasn't a bad class today, but it was kinda boring.

Modern History was great! We had the second half of our class present their thesis presentations, and I've gotta say, I want to read all of them! One student is looking at the similarities between sharks and serial killers behavior! That's awesome, and it led to a pretty wacky discussion. We were headed down a dark path, so the teacher had to break it up and go on to the next person. It was a fun class, and I got some comments back on my PA from my outside reader. He had some good suggestions, but I kinda got overwhelmed at how much he's asking me to put in here and modify. I'm going to talk to him tomorrow (hopefully) to clear some of it up.

English is awesome now! We're reading the first book of the Xenogenesis Trilogy by Octavia Butler! It's so great so far, though I have a personal qualm with aliens in science fiction that look like humans. Granted, these aliens here are far less human than most sci-fi aliens, but evolutionarily speaking, the concept of a being with tentacles surrounding his body, along with three separate genders, and all the specifics... it just begs the question as to how any of it could be evolutionarily viable. Not saying it's bad, but the plausibility of such creatures as the ones described in the book is eyebrow-raising, though not nearly as drastic as some. It's a fast-paced, engaging, thought-provoking book, though, so I'm happy! I read my assigned reading and plan to read more tomorrow, because it's so cool!

Strings was excellent. We ran through my concerto multiple times with me soloing. I did alright, certainly far better than I did the first time with no music and me not having it all memorized at the time. Now I do have it memorized, and I brought my music today, and it went pretty well. The first violins are struggling a little, but with some practice, they'll pull through because they're awesome people! I need to do some woodshedding on some bits of the piece, but I've got it pretty well in hand, I think. Great class today.

Dropped in on a conversation between some friends of mine about Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones (the TV show) and one girl had a theory about how the show was going to end. Another friend and I were kinda shocked at how close her theory was at mirroring what happens later in the books, though this was probably by sheer luck. It was pretty funny though! She had Danny, Sansa, and Arya all take King's Landing, Tyrion becoming the Hand again, and Melissandre sporadically greeting this with open arms, becoming part of the new matriarchy... I don't know, it was really weird but hilariously awesome!

Got to go home and relax for a little bit because I didn't have to be at AYS until 7:00! Sweet. I had a yummy dinner and read for a little while before heading over there. The rehearsal was short and nice. I got out early too, because they ended with a piece that I'm not playing, so that was cool! I got home at 9:00 instead of 9:30, so that's good. I'm going to bed now so I have enough energy for Advanced English tomorrow! Woot!

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