December 8, 2013

Day 197

Three days from 200! Awesome!

I woke up at 10:30 this morning, feeling very refreshed after my 12 hours of sleep after that hellish cold day yesterday! I'm so glad that's done, I can't even tell you! I found some new music on Tumblr today, including Kelley Clarkson's new Christmas album and a nifty barbershop quartet version of God Only Knows! It's lovely.

A friend of mine is writing his thesis on the musics of Beethoven in comparison with Iron Maiden, which I think is really cool. He wants to do a live demonstration of the similarities between the two, and he's asked me to help him. Evidently, he doesn't know a mistake when he sees one. Not that I'm not excited and honored to be working with him, I'm just saying that there are about five other people far more qualified than I to be doing this sort of thing. He came over to my house today to work on an Iron Maiden piece, and it went okay, I think. I'll have to learn the notes, but they're pretty easy.

Last week of classes before finals! Kinda freaking out about History and STAM. Not that I'm not going to be prepared for either, it's just that STAM tests never go over well with me, and I have to focus a lot of my energies on creating this children's book about the Spanish Armada in History which I will present to the class as the final! So, yeah, kinda stressy. Nothing I can't handle, though, I'm sure. Tomorrow night should be fun. No AYS (thank God). Instead, I'm going to a Senior Dinner Night with all the senior class! Should be shiny!

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