November 30, 2013

Day 189

Woke up at noon today! I know, it's crazy. My newest review is up. I really need to work on the whole "one review a month" thing. I'm hoping that December will grant me enough free time to get the rest of the T-Arc finished before New Years, though I also have to write up my Season Three Overview. Couple that with school, finals, AYS... well, it's gonna be a little busy.

I saw Thor The Dark World today finally! Oh my God, it was awesome! That ending credits scene, man! And Loki! It was a great experience, though there was this child next to us who kept talking the whole way through the movie. I hate that. The Stan Lee cameo was pretty good too.

Other than that, the day was pretty mellow. I've been watching some of my favorite Frasier episodes. They're so funny! I have to get up before noon tomorrow, so I'll probably go to bed soon. The day was fun, and I'm looking forward to tomorrow's vacation ending day.

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