November 27, 2013

Day 186

Slept in today. The furnace people came by and finished their work on replacing our furnace. They were here 'till 12, so it was really loud. Then, having done nothing up until then but stare at the computer on Tumblr, I took a nap because I was tired... I feel that I'm getting very old, even though I'm not. I just feel that if I'm not at school or doing something thought-provoking, I get tired, bored, losing all hope in humanity... well, maybe not the last one. Anyway, I think that's good. It means that I have motivation. Not enough to work on the T-Arc review, though, that's a little too much. Sorry. Anyway, I got up and... well, went right back to staring at Tumblr. It's so addicting. Lots of really neat stuff there, actually.

Here's a link to something unsurprising yet still eye-opening: a statistics chart of gender inequality in film. Now, I think this is really interesting, because it shows just how deep gender inequality runs, especially in the media. Relating this back to my thesis (yeah, see? This is what I do in my spare time: thinking about schoolwork), I think it's so interesting that we promote and are taken with "strong female characters", yet also do very little about the misogyny in our culture. Check it out here.

Pretty cool, no? I'm focusing on the top chart there for my thesis, but it's all very good information. I'd love to see where the NYA got it's stats, though. This of course made me go on a Buffy-spree, and I watched like five hours worth of it. I also got caught up on my Person of Interest, and oh my God, this show, man! It ended so well! I loved it. It got really dark all of a sudden, and it's awesome. That's my day today. I have a weird stomach bug thing going on today. Maybe that's why I've been so tired? I don't know. It will not be there tomorrow, because tomorrow's Black Thursday. I'm sorry. Tomorrow's Thanks Giving, and I'm seeing Aaron! That should be so great! Okay, goodnight everyone. I'll try to write a more in-depth post tomorrow.

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