November 25, 2013

Day 184

I'm feeling much better today. The twelve hours of sleep I think had a hand in that! Seriously, I went to bed at six yesterday, and woke up at seven this morning.

Had a two-hour delay at school today, so that was nice. I got to sleep in and make my way over to school at a leisurely pace. Only had forty-five minutes of English today in terms of classes. The rest of the day, I practiced the violin, and worked on my PA. Talked with my outside reader about the paper. He's looking forward to reading it, and I'm looking forward to his suggestions. I also talked with my primary reader about it, and he read the rough draft of the PA. He said he really liked it, and he could tell that I have a good grasp on what I'm talking about, especially in comparison to my other stuff that I've handed in regarding the thesis; the PA seems the most focused and confident out of all the pieces of the thesis so far, so that's good!

I went with the Tri-M group to the UNM Press hospital to play there. It was a very nice, low-key venture, and I played my Bach piece beautifully. Other students performed their pieces, and they were lovely! A couple friends of mine put on a violin duet performance, which was very nice, and then at the end, a male a capella group did a rendition of Misty Mountains! It was so great! Came home and had a quick bite before heading out to AYS.

AYS was pretty fun tonight. It was a good productive full rehearsal. Today was also picture day for us, so they pulled groups of us out of rehearsal for that, which was fun. I'm liking the stuff we're going to play for the Christmas concert a lot, mostly because it's easy!

Tomorrow is Grandparent's day! Should be nifty!

Just a quick update to today's post (I love being able to edit stuff like this). I'm all for stopping violence, equality, human rights, all that stuff, and today is apparently the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. I consider myself to be a pretty decent person, and am totally behind this. I've been doing some research on it, and it's very powerful and moving. I encourage you all to support it, or at least learn more about it. Here's a very touching video on the subject, coming from the United Nations Secretary General's campaign. Don't read the comments if you choose to view it on YouTube...

That's it. Just a quick addendum. Goodnight everyone.

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