November 23, 2013

Day 182

I had one of the most unproductive days today. I'm really tired, sick, the day was overcast skies... I'm just not in the best of shape right now, so I'll keep this one short so that you'll not be too exposed to my whining.

Woke up at around 7:00 this morning, which was right off the bat a mistake, because my head was really heavy, I was most certainly not meant to be up that early after staying up 'till 1:00 the night previously watching Buffy. So that was the first bad call. I tried working on my "Tunnel Vision" review, but being that my mind was still groggy, I closed the document... probably won't stop the review from being written when I'm half brain-dead though, I know how these things go. Anyway, I spent the whole day musing over what my next phase of my PA would be (I'm finally working on that now... when I'm tired, sick, and at night when I should be in bed). So yeah.

Oh, and I also finally received my Transformers figure I ordered. Technically it's not an official HasTak Transformer. It's a 3rd party figure. ToyWorld's Orion figure is the IDW Optimus Prime comic book design (almost) fully rendered in plastic. There are a few issues I have with my copy of the figure personally, but engineering-wise, this thing is awesome! I love the leg conversion, and I've found that adjusting the back wind-vane to be at a forward angle helps minimize its presence from the front, and still doesn't hinder arm movement, so that's nice. I'm okay with the paint, the plastic feels nice, and the figure is just the right size to fit in with my collection. This has replaced my Classics Optimus as my official Optimus Prime.

Watched The Bourne Ultimatum with my Mom tonight. Had some good grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner to help sooth my throat. I'm now working on my PA. Probably I'll go to bed soon... ish... See you tomorrow, guys.

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