November 22, 2013

Day 181

It's the Friday before Thanksgiving, which means that I only have two more days of school before the break! Woohoo! I had my STAM test today, and it went actually very well, I think. There were two problems that got me all confused, but I did my best, so I should receive at least partial credit on those. Strings was pretty fun. We worked more on my concerto. The first violin and I ran through their opening, and we're all getting a feel for how the music is supposed to be performed: like Mozart, so that means everything is light and mellifluous. After that, I went and rehearsed the Bach with the pianist, and it went okay. I think by Monday I'll have it down, and really it's not a fancy event. We're playing at a hospital, so I think the amount of music the people there will be exposed to will surely make up for my playing... not that I'm planning on playing badly, I'm just saying that the stress really isn't that high for this, which is good. I have enough things to worry about as it is.

In Advanced English, I wrote out a first draft of my play. It's two scenes long, and I do want to write a third one, but the problem is that it's already over ten minutes, which is the ballpark timeframe for our plays, so I'm a little worried about it. Thankfully, I have time to work on it, because I don't present it until the 9th. I'm basing it heavily off of the conversation between Megatron and Optimus in "Chaos Theory, Part 1", and off of my own Transformers fanfics... so I'm pretty much not doing any original work for this one other than changing a few names and places and events and motives and characters... okay, I'm doing a lot of new stuff, just the basic outline is taken from the other two sources. And yes, I do intend to mention this when I present it, don't worry.

My Mom picked me up for an eye doctor appointment today, which means I had to miss Post today. It sucks, 'cause today we were to talk about the reading that I did and I have a lot of stuff to say about it. I guess we'll talk about the next reading next class, so I guess that'll be good. The eye doctor appointment went relatively quickly. I wanted to see if I could get bifocals, but apparently my vision with reading is no different without my glasses than it would be if I got bifocal lenses, so there's really no reason to.

Arrived home early because of all of this, and I got myself a account! I posted my Arcee Mayhem story as my first story there just as an experiment. I'm loving the community. Everyone seems very nice and encouraging, and man, are there some talented writers out there! I read a bunch of TF fanfics for a good two hours; they're really good!

I did a pretty long violin practice today. Practiced the Bach a little bit, then did a pretty thorough rundown of my concerto. I'm getting all the fast runs and stuff, and have most of it memorized now! I'm pretty happy about that, and am very proud of myself for doing it so quickly. Watched some Prime episodes for fun (yes, I know about the delay in the T-Arc, I'm sorry. It's coming). I'm off to bed now. See you guys tomorrow. stories that I like:

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