November 19, 2013

Day 178

So, I woke up today with that awful feeling in the back of your throat when you're sick. Yeah, I wasn't having the best start to my day. And it never went away. I still have it even now as I write this, so maybe I'm getting sick. I don't know. I certainly hope not!

I made real progress today on my thesis project. For one, I found out what I'm actually talking about, and I got to writing a proper Preliminary Analysis on what's wrong with the Strong Female Character archetype. Apparently, what I'm saying about this is nothing new, but I think my application of Buffy will be something not often seen. I did have fun writing out my first five pages of my PA, and I'm so glad that I sat down with my primary reader and looked at what I wanted to talk about. It was a very productive afternoon.

In the morning, I had English, in which we worked on our PAs. This is what spawned my obsession with getting this done right today. It was a fun class. I planned out a general outline for my overall thesis. In Modern History, we talked about the beginnings of the French Revolution. I'm loving this class because it's like a real life Game of Thrones. It's just so absurdly crazy that I sometimes wonder if all the History teachers at my school are just conspiring with each other and telling us all complete lies! Then I look on the Internet and discover that, no, what they're telling us in school is indeed the truth, because the Internet is awesome.

That was pretty much my whole day. It went by pretty quickly for me. Part of that was because I was really excited that I finally got narrowed down on my topic and developed an actual argument, and also part of it was because I only had two classes in the morning. It was a fun school day.

I printed out my draft of my 2nd movement of my violin concerto to bring to my composition tutor. He had some helpful insights, and I think I'm turning it into a theme and variations piece. It's very interesting, and I still find it so impressive that my comp tutor is able to pick out what I myself want out of a piece like this just off the cuff! It's pretty cool.

Came home and worked more on my PA. I discovered a great article that pretty much sums up my whole argument on the SFC issue. Read it here; it's really good! Tomorrow I have Strings and a violin lesson! Should be nifty to play my concerto!

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