November 18, 2013

Day 177

I'm starting off the week well with this Monday! First, my strings class finally got to play my concerto! Man, that was fun. The teacher actually dismissed everyone except 1st violins and myself, since the 1st violin part is similar to my part and there are some tricky fingerings to work out. She had some nifty thoughts on what to do about a lot of this stuff, and it was neat to hear actual people practice a piece I wrote. I got the same thrill this time that I got last year, perhaps even more, because this was a full-on original piece and not an arrangement, so to hear what I had come up with in my head be transferred into music by actual musicians amazed me! So that was very fun. Not sure how my popularity status is right now with the 1st violins; their part is pretty hard!

So, that was the first highlight of my day. The second big one was AYS, surprisingly enough. We had rehearsal as normal for the first half, but then we had a local Spanish string quartet come in and play for us! That was really cool. They played Mendelssohn's final string quartet and a salsa piece which was just so much fun! It was a definite treat to listen to them. Then, not only did they perform, but the strings sections all got to have sectional with a member of the quartet! Cool! This was a real joy and something that was definitely unexpected. Definitely one for the "People and Things that Make Me Smile" list!

STAM was okay today. (I'm going kinda backwards in my blog today). We're getting ready for a big test on Friday, so we'll be doing a lot of reviewing over the next couple of days. Strings was as mentioned above, very fun. I'm glad we're finally starting to play my piece.

In Advanced English we finished Doubt. It's a great movie. I'm kinda disappointed in it's ending, just because I felt there could have been greater character resolutions all around. It wrapped up a little too quickly for my taste. Otherwise, though, an excellent screen adaptation of a play; they got everything in there, and a little bit more besides. I'm starting to work on my play (very slowly, though). I think it'll turn out alright.

Had Post today. We discussed the current section of Malcolm X, and then we read our assigned reading for Friday. I'm still really loving the book. On Wednesday, we discuss sports in the '60s! Cool.

So, that was my day. I'm still kinda hyped that we're playing a fully original piece of mine. It means a lot to me, and I'm so thankful to all my classmates and especially my teacher for taking this on!

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