November 17, 2013

Day 176

I really need to do more productive stuff over the weekend. The whole "staring at the computer for eight hours on end" thing is a little excessive, and gives me a headache. Doesn't help that I'm currently doing just that. I feel very deflated today, actually. I think it was how the day began.

I woke up from this very neat dream where I was with my cousins and it was Christmas... I don't know, but it was cool. So, I woke up, and I got this notion to order this third-party Transformers figure for a large sum of money (I'm paying triple digits here), and that was a little taxing... okay, very taxing. I was trying to conserve my money, so I don't know why I decided to do this now of all times. I just did, and it should be here on Tuesday.

Then, I engaged in a cool Twitter conversation with SFDebris about maybe seeing if he'd review a Transformers episode from one of the series. He said that he in fact has plans to review an episode of Beast Wars, and he also said he'd be open to requests for any of the other series except Armada, so I know he's a smart man! This made me very happy, and I'm now looking forward to that review (hoping it's "Code of Hero")!

So, I did some more work on my Preliminary Analysis. I think it's getting better. I've crossed the required rough draft page amount, so that's good. I still feel that there is way too much going on in this paper, but with some tweaking, I'm sure it'll turn out okay.

Then I went to my violin teacher's house for her concert. All the little people played their cute Twinkle variations and such, we started working our way up the chain, until it finally came time for me to perform. Now, I'm sure some of you remember the last time I performed something... it didn't go very well. Well, surprise, surprise, this one went poorly too, worse even than Phantom, because this time I actually stopped and I missed like all of my cues! How hard is this? Really? Performing the Bach A Minor 2nd movement should not be this difficult, and I hate that every time I put myself out there for everyone to hear that I always mess up in a big way! Afterwards, we all had snacks and chatted a little bit, and it was here that I had a fleeting but powerful thought: I should just quit now. It was fleeting, about a second's worth of consideration went into this, and then it was gone, but it was there nonetheless. I legitimately wanted to retire my violin at that moment. Now, I'm not saying this out of a desire for your pity; I'm just saying that this is what I thought in the aftermath of that awful performance, because that's how much this sucked. And it happens every time, and I'm so fed up with it!

Anyway, after this, my Mom and I went to the comic book store to pick up our monthly haul. I got the first issue of the Dark Cybertron event that IDW is doing, the latest Superior Spider-Man, and got caught up on all my Iron Man books. Stopped for lunch at a Mexican restaurant, and in my depression, I had three tacos. I was feeling pretty tired after this, so we went home and I scrolled through a huge TFW2005 thread about the third-party Transformer I ordered this morning. I was mostly looking at the pictures, but there was some interesting conversations going on.

Went to Flying Star... yeah, that TFW2005 thing, that took up four hours worth of my day today! Anyway, I went to Flying Star, had a huge pancake (I was still depressed), and headed home. I'm very sad about today, but on the bright side, tomorrow we play my concerto... for real this time! I promise you, this is happening. So that should be fun. I'm tired and sad, and I'm going to bed.

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