November 15, 2013

Day 174

I just got back from seeing my school's production of As You Like It, and by God, it was awesome! I'll not go into here, but rest assured, I love my school and all the people in it; we're all so talented!

Went to meet my new dentist this morning. Since I am, I'm sorry to say, a legal adult, I had to fill out all my paperwork myself, and I must say, these people must think you're off to the moon given how many questions they ask you on these damned forms! It's insane. Anyway, the new dentist was nice (he knew my Dad, so that's cool), and the teeth cleaning went well. After that, I arrived for the last fifteen minutes of Modern History, and I'm kinda sorry I missed today's class. It sounded really cool, given what I came in on!

In strings... we still did not play my concerto. My teacher reassured me that we're to start rehearsals on Monday, so that'll be fun. I'm liking the music we're playing now. Mad Russian is coming right along, and we continue to have fun in prepping for the concert. I worked on my Tempest paper a little bit after strings class (it was only a half block), and then went to lunch.

English 12 was really productive for me today. I had my teacher read over my paper, and she had some invaluable suggestions that I quite swiftly put into play. Basically, all I needed to fix my paper was a redefining of structure and telling blatantly how Tony Stark and Ariel are related. My teacher told me plainly that I should assume the reader is not as smart as I and instead present them with all the comparisons up front, so I did, and yes, it is a smarter paper now. Structure is important, and is something that I do struggle with... like, a lot, so I'm glad I'm learning to hone and tackle it.

STAM was okay. I was so drained of energy by this point in the day that I just really didn't care about school anymore. I handed in my test corrections to my teacher, and we did a worksheet in class having to do with probability trees, which I actually really enjoy. So it was an okay ending to my school day proper.

Then my Mom came and got me and we got some yummy food and headed home. I worked a little more on my Tempest essay, and then plotted out my Preliminary Analysis for my thesis. I think I'm going to talk about Buffy's impact on culture and how Joss Whedon envisioned the show, how we view female characters in general and how Buffy tries and succeeds in breaking down the norms. I hope it turns out well!

And then we went to see As You Like It. As I said above, I'm not going to go into everything here; that'll be handled in a separate post, probably a "Mini-View", but suffice it to say I don't think I've laughed as hard as I did tonight in any other school production. Just something about the quirky nature that everyone displayed was hilarious, and I loved how off-beat everything was in a great way. Just an awesome way to end the week! I do so love how talented we all are!

Tomorrow, I crack down on my thesis work, rake some leaves, and practice the hell out the violin! Should be fun.

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