November 14, 2013

Day 173

So, I can't even believe it, today was even more boring than yesterday! At the end of the day I actually took like an hour-long nap. I never take naps! What the hell? So, basically, it was the same day as yesterday, just with Post and Advanced English instead of Modern and English 12, and... I don't know. JC finally ended today, so tomorrow we'll have regular classes in which we actually learn something, but really, today just kinda bummed me out.

There were two things that happened today that made it somewhat bearable. First, in Post, the substitute was awesome, and we had a pretty hilarious discussion about Malcolm X. Remember, everyone had groups that they were assigned to, and then the group had a specific chapter. Well, one of the people in this group gave such a fantastic hilarious synopsis of his chapter, and then when a girl from my group tried to intervene and correct him on stuff that he was actually right about in the first place, he just looks at her and is all like "woah, this is my chapter, and Imma tell it like I want to!" Damn! Everyone kinda went nuts over that, and it was great!

The second thing that happened today that was actually pretty cool was in Advanced English, we watched Doubt from 2005. Damn! What a great film! I also found this awesome video of Joss Whedon talking about the word "feminist" and the implications of it. The video is below, if you're interested. It's a great video, though I still think his Equality Now speech is better.

We had a sub in Strings again today. Tomorrow, guys... I promise (hopefully). And that was my day. See, even shorter than yesterday's post. I had violin lesson tonight, and we played through my Bach piece for Sunday and worked out a little bit of my concerto. It's going well. I hope my strings class can actually... y'know practice it one of these days! Came home and watched Person of Interest! It's getting soooo goood! I can't wait for next Tuesday to come! Like, NOW people!!!

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