November 13, 2013

Day 172

So, everyone was gone today for Judicial Committee, and as such, my day felt very empty. I mean, my advisor was gone, several of my friends were gone, my strings teacher was gone (not because of JC; she was sick I guess), so it ended up being a rather unproductive and boring day. There were some good moments, though.

I must say, the cake turned out great! I gave it to my strings class for them to share, and Aaron and I both ate a slice, and it was pretty good. I think it's a little dry, but everyone else really enjoyed it, so that was great. STAM went by pretty quickly. I did my test corrections during History (we had a sub), so it was nice to get that out of the way.

English was the most productive class by far today. The teacher was actually there, and we edited our papers. My editor said she couldn't find anything wrong with my point of my paper, but I still think it needs work. I still don't think I've completely zoomed in on what it is I want to talk about. I read another person's paper, and it was pretty good. We also got back several quizzes that we had taken over the past month. I've seriously gotten 8/10s on all of my English quizzes this year, it's so weird. Still, it was a fun class. We get to work more on our papers on Friday, so that'll be nice.

In strings, we unfortunately did not work on my piece; hopefully tomorrow we will! We had a sub, and I didn't like him. He was a little too arrogant and up front about things that really didn't matter. We did get to have cake, though. That was cool. That was pretty much my entire school day. Literally, that's it.

After school, I went home, did some more Malcolm X reading, and then went to rehearse the Bach A Minor with my piano accompanist. It went okay. I need to work on this one section in which my fingers kinda get messed up. I don't really know it as well as I should for Sunday, but it's okay, because in two weeks or so, I'll be playing it again with Tri-M, so it's good that I'm getting to perform it before that. Not that that's a big commitment, I'm just say, that I'll get two shots at this thing that I'm not totally solid on, and that's good for me.

Tried out this new awesome restaurant with burgers and stuff. It was delicious! I intend to go back there again at some point, because it was very filling and the restaurant building was beautiful. Sorry for the kinda lazy post today. I'm going to bed. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better.

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