November 12, 2013

Day 171

I'm baking a cake! Not for any scholastic reason; it's not like I had to create an edible femur or something like that, no. I'm doing this because I told Aaron that I would as a joke, and then of course I shook on the deal, and then several people overheard me, and, well... I'm baking a cake now! So that's exciting.

You may notice that my blog looks larger now than it did yesterday. There is nothing wrong with your preferences or text size; I decided to increase the body font in the hope that it's easier to read (for me, it was very hard to read, and for a lot of people I've talked to, bigger text on a screen is better than small text; it's just easier to read), and in the process, I learned a little bit about HTML code and editing it, so that was interesting to learn on a Tuesday that was pretty mellow, all things considered.

I started out the day with STAM. Turns out I'm missing a couple of assignments in there, and I have test corrections due Friday, so I better get on this! We learned about different ways of plotting probability, and that was cool. The long block went by pretty quickly, which was nice; usually the STAM periods feel extra long!

After that, I had Post, and we talked about Malcolm X. I still really love it, and my teacher gave us an interesting assignment for next time. Instead of reading the whole seventy-page chunk by Thursday, he split us up into groups, each of which reads one chapter. When we come back on Thursday, we'll fill the other groups in on what happened in our reading, how Malcolm changed, what happened in the broader picture, etc. It's a neat idea. This does mean that I have to rely on other people doing the work (which I'm not very good at), but I think it'll be fun!

Advanced English has gotten a little bit... boring! Dare I say it? I know. My teacher's... eccentricities have kinda worn off a little bit, so now I'm not having as much fun. We're also not doing so much writing; we're looking at plays, but then never really talking about them in-depth, so we're all at kind of a standstill. It's not bad, there's just not enough movement for my taste in a class like this. I'm working on my play, which I don't think can possibly fit into ten minutes, but whatever. It's pretty fun; it'll be better once we get together as a class and talk about our own work, that's all.

Strings was awesome today, because we looked up the Trans Siberian Orchestra playing A Mad Russian's Christmas, which was awesome! We're playing it for the December concert, along with my concerto, which as it turns out, we're starting to practice tomorrow! Cool! I'm pretty nervous, but also really excited. I get pretty self-conscious when sharing my own work, but these are my friends who are playing it, so I think it'll go fine. The December concert actually sounds really badass: we're playing A Mad Russian's Christmas, which has electric violin, bass, guitar, and keyboard, so that should be awesome! We're playing my concerto, which I'm obviously really excited about, and it should be just a fun time!

Worked on my English paper for tomorrow. Again, I'm still not feeling like I've centered on my theme; it feels more like I'm circling it than really nailing it on the head, y'know? I actually felt that way about a lot of my English papers last year; the only one that I was super proud of wat the Mary Anne paper (which, incidentally, you can read here). But this one looks to be shaping up alright I guess. I think tomorrow will really help me out. Composition tutoring was fun. I showed my tutor my Cuckoo's Nest score. He loved it, and next week I'm to bring in the sheets for one of my pieces to analyze my own work! Cool!

Came home and caught up on last week's episode of SHIELD. This of course means that I'm now behind on today's episode, but that's okay. I did have a cake to bake after all! It turned out alright (both the cake and the episode, if you're wondering). I hope my friends at school like it! Going to bed now. Sorry for these abrupt endings to these things; I'm not very good at conclusions.

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