November 7, 2013

Day 166

Arguing a point is hard enough without the added obstacle of you yourself not agreeing with the point you're arguing and knowing you are wrong. That's where I was in English today with our debate/board meeting, in which I argued the position of Prospero, a position that was so obviously in the wrong that I could not help but speak up against my very own argument (much to the dismay of my colleagues) and agree with the other two groups' compromise. I just don't like arguing illogical positions, and I like to lose even less. Still, the class itself proved a success, and I did feel like I walked away having gained a firmer understanding of The Tempest and to a certain extent Prospero as a character (still like Arial better, though).

I'm really liking STAM now! We continue to work with probability, and I just like the logic and simplicity of it. Strings is going well too. We played through our two pieces (didn't read my concerto yet; I don't expect to be doing that for some time now).

Modern History was really fun today. We read some readings of Rousseau and then wrote a story which had to incorporate specific words having to do with government (I submitted one of my Transformers fanfics... which had to do with government), and it was a fun time. We also had to answer reading questions about the reading. That part wasn't as fun.

Yesterday, you might have noticed a rather large document thrown up on the blog. This is my first play for Advanced English, and I'm really quite proud of it. It takes up a full page on my blog! Pretty insane! Sorry about that. Check it out if you want. Had a violin lesson this afternoon. My teacher had me start on the 2nd movement of the Mozart G Major violin concerto. It's pretty badass! I love slow movements, which is odd, because when I was younger, I didn't like to play slowly. I still have trouble with bow control and whatnot, but overall it's pretty fun.

I'm watching V for Vendetta online (there's a website that has the movie right there for free), and I love it! I want to write a paper on it someday; so much to write about. Also watched the latest Person of Interest! Things are really heating up in that show, and it's awesome. Tomorrow I go see the local showing of Sweeney Todd. Really looking forward to that!

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