November 6, 2013

Day 165

I turned in my concerto today! Woot! I'm so happy. While there are some formatting issues, overall it turned out quite well, and I'm so glad that I have that turned in. We might even give it a read-through as early as tomorrow or Friday (probably not, though). But it's still cool, y'know? To have something that you worked on be performed, and I got this feeling that when my teacher asked me for parts to the concerto, I felt very professional! Ego? Probably, but it was still a nice feeling; nice to be appreciated (even though I am on a daily basis, because I'm surrounded by awesome people).

In Advanced English, we watched the old film version of A Streetcar Named Desire. It's very weird, very sexist, and it has some of the oddest and most sudden character changes that I've ever seen! It's kinda fun, and it was nice to have a kind of a break day from writing or reading in this class. We are supposed to be starting work on our next play. I honestly have no idea what to write about. I have a lot of story ideas, but all of them I envision happening in short story prose form, not as a play. I love description, and playwriting is all about dialogue. I love dialogue too, and I'm very good at realistic dialogue I'm told (probably because I just write how I talk when writing dialogue), but it's not the same. I'm rather stressed about this, honestly. My first play was a one-act, and that was good because it was small. I was able to focus on a single issue with only two characters, and that gave the play this bubble in which to function. With this second play, we are given free reign. Now, I don't know about the rest of you writers out there, but I love restraints. I like having to work within a box (within reason, obviously, and I'll bend it every once in a while). This allows a writer to really stretch their mind and have to work around the system in which they've been set. But when you're given absolute freedom of the story, I find, at least, that I have nothing to say, because I don't know what I'm doing. I'm sure I'll figure it out, but for right now, it's frustrating and stress-inducing!

In STAM, we're starting working with probability! This is great, because this is something that I'm actually interested in, and I have no idea how to do this, and I've always wanted to learn how to do this, so I'm so happy that we're learning about this! We started off the unit today with simple probability: predicting out of people in a group how many would be female, how many go to public school, then how many who go to public school are female, etc. Stuff like that. I'm really liking the fact that we're tackling this unit now!

Post was fun too (I had a great day, now that I think about it)! We started reading The Autobiography of Malcolm X, and man is it intense! Aaron and I listened to each others' music while we read, and all I can say is Aaron, you have some weird stuff on your phone, man! I'm sure he felt the same way about me: my Favorites playlist ranges from classical violin music to Lindsey Stirling (of course), to Pop and Rock, so I'm sure jumping from one thing to another must have been jarring. The teacher for Post wasn't there, so we had a substitute. She is one of our favorite subs, so it was okay (far better than last time), and I left without incident, though there were three students again who up and left like the last time, though the sub actually did something about it, and I wasn't one of them, so that was good.

My Mom came and got me early today (I can't drive... not sure if I've mentioned that before or not), which was nice. I came home and watched SHEILD and then wrote my paragraph for English 12 tomorrow. Also completed STAM homework and practiced the violin. Went through my scales and boring stuff, and then took a swing at Mozart's 2nd movement of the 3rd violin concerto. Pretty insane stuff! Headed to bed. I am looking forward to tomorrow, because we have Modern History and English 12, and Strings... I guess I'll talk about that tomorrow, because this is about today. Anyway, goodnight!

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