November 5, 2013

Day 164

The time change has really screwed up my perception of day and night time, because I get home now when its dark and wake up when the sun is up, so I'm all confused. I mean, like today I got home from Composition tutoring and it was completely dark. Anyway, today was kind of a gloomy rainy day. Woke up and it was raining, so it was a nice way to begin the day. Morning Meeting was actually interesting today! Apparently my school is going to be the first school to send a text message into space! That's such a thing that my school would do, but its pretty awesome also. We're launching a rocket with a phone I guess inside it and we're going to see how it receives what we send it. Pretty nifty. And of course when I say "we" I obviously don't mean me; I mean the Physics II students, but the idea is still neat. That's happening next week.

Had English 12 first after this, and it was fun. We talked about those awesome reading from yesterday and analyzed them! Then we signed up for groups for this debate/trial thing that we're doing next class. There's a Prospero group, a Caliban group, and a Miranda group, as well as a board of students. I'm in the Prospero group, and I'm totally playing the technology and magic card! I think it'll be fun.

Next, I had Modern History. We discussed Locke and Hobbs, and the English Civil War. Pretty interesting stuff, though in discussing Hobbs, we of course had to do the obligatory "everyone in the world disappears except for the people in this classroom so now we have no government; what do we do?" example... if that's a thing; seems like it is. Anyway, that quickly spiraled into whom would we kill in our class in order for the rest of us to survive. The teacher died relatively early on in this scenario, and we all had a good time laughing about how absurd it would be if we were the last people on Earth.

The rest of my day was spent writing my film score to One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (the book, not the movie). Our assignment for the book was to be creative, so I chose to write a score to what a modern day film of the book might be. It's kinda epic in tone, but I still enjoy it. If you want to hear it, I'm sure I can send a private copy to you; just ask.

Composition tutoring was fun. My tutor discussed with me some piano technique stuff, and then we analyzed an orchestral film score that I wrote (I'm actually using this as the basis for my Cuckoo's Nest score). It was interesting. I'm still really impressed that he's able to pick chords out of just hearing the piece. Its elementary, I'm sure, but I still find it awesome! When I got home, I found that I received Lindsey Stirling's re-released album, which comes with some exclusive content! So pumped to listen to that!

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