November 4, 2013

Day 163

There are points in all our lives, I'm sure, where we expect something fantastic and end up with only a morsel of what we were expecting, and in that moment of realization, I at least experience three emotions: disappointment is the first, followed by a hint of anger, and then topped off with a new, more powerful longing for the expected thing that I now did not receive. Such was the case today when the band and strings classes travelled to Santa Fe to hear the Santa Fe Symphony perform works in relation to math. Math and music was the theme of this concert, and in that sense it worked... kind of. My class was a little old (okay, a lot old) for this sort of math, but the Symphony sounded excellent when they performed. Sadly, their performance was only a small nugget of what it probably was on Saturday night (they did this same thing on Saturday, but they did a full version of it), because today's performance was a performance of excerpts of pieces.

They performed Holst's Mars, but only the first couple of lines, performed a cut version of Brahms' 3rd movement of his 2nd symphony, played an excerpt of one of Bach's many fugues arranged for brass. Thankfully, they performed the full version of Hedwig's Theme and Mission: Impossible, so that was nice. My personal disappointment lay in the fact that they only played the main theme from Star Trek, negating the rest of the portions of the Star Trek Through the Years Medley. Hugely disappointed in that, because I had my heart set on hearing the Medley live for the first time, and instead what I got was the theme (which was good; don't get me wrong), and nothing else. Perhaps I'd set my expectations too high, perhaps I'm being greedy and arrogant, but I'm still sad. The math portion of this was aimed less at my level and more at a sixth to eighth grade level, but there was a really neat segment about how fractals are related to music in that a theme and variation in music could be considered a fractal! That's pretty neat!

Prior to all of this, I had US History. We finished off the Vietnam documentary and then talked about it a little before delving into the hellish year of 1968. Lots of shootings, lots of violence, and just a bad year in general. I'm glad I didn't miss this class, though. That documentary man, that was something! After we came back from the Santa Fe concert, I went to doing my English homework for tomorrow. We had to read these articles by Kermode and Greenblat, two scholarly authors who in these two articles analyze The Tempest and how it relates to language and what the play itself is ultimately about. I kept relating all of this to Iron Man 3, because I'm geeky like that, and I just felt very smart for making all of these connections that were in the articles. They're great articles; check them out if you can!

AYS was pretty good today. We had sectionals first, y'know just to switch things up I guess. We worked on Huapango. I'm getting better at all those high arpeggios, and I love the piece! In full rehearsal, we had the Santa Fe Youth Symphony over auditing our class, and I hope we did okay by them! We worked on Huapango, Polovtsian Dances, and The Desert Shall Bloom, which is a great modern orchestral piece! They're all fun (I love the Dances!) and the conductor talked about how we need CONSTANT VIGILANCE!!! and discipline if we are to succeed at this stuff. Mostly, I think we need to schedule these rehearsals at a more reasonable time on a day that isn't ending in "y". Oh, and I turned in (almost) all of my luminaria call forms! Woot! Tomorrow should be a breeze, which'll be nice, given last week's scramble and today's kind of disappointing fun.

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