November 3, 2013

Day 162

I'm very happy right now for several reasons. First off, let me begin by pointing out to the world that I am very good at bouncing back from unhappiness. That's not to say that I don't feel unhappy at all; I do, but I usually look on the bright side and am able to find a silver lining in almost anything. Well, today was one of those days where towards the middle there, I was kinda down. My day began as a Sunday normally does, plus the time change was a great thrill, because it meant that I woke up at 9:00 and not 10:00, always a bonus! So, I get on Chrome, and immediately begin updating my favorites list on YouTube, and I came across this lovely video about what to do with your body when you're dead:

Yep. I'd like to get launched into space! That'd be sick! Anyway, I'm looking through all these videos and came across The Piano Guys' latest project! It's this Kung Fu Panda cover and in the video, they get this piano on the actual Great Wall of China! Yeah! Check this out, it's awesome!

Pretty cool, no? So, I'm at this YouTube Favorites List scavenger hunt for about two hours. Had some french toast (yum!) and then had a shower. Practiced the violin for my violin lesson. Then I went to my violin lesson, and this is where I started to feel this kinda horrible doubt creep into my mind. See, I"m there and my teacher is going on about auditions and what I'm going to do and I'm just thinking to myself do I really want to do this? Is music really where I want to go? Do I want to continue with the violin? It was just a fleeting few moments, but I got pretty worked up over it in my head, and I got to thinking about my life and what I'm really wanting to do with it. I want to be a writer, and that I don't think is ever going to change. But I also love the violin, and want to continue studying music, but perhaps not in a rigorous capacity. So now I'm like I don't know if I really want to audition for this scholarship money, etc. and on top of this, my teacher is pressuring me to choose these two pieces and get to work practicing like now, and ugh. It's a lot to take in, and after the hell that was last week, I'm kinda swamped with stuff and it's not getting easier unlike all the videogame cheats say it should! Well fooey!

Anyway, that lasted for about five minutes and then we went to the comic book store. That cheered me up. Got me some Transformers Robots in Disguise comics! Really pumped to read these! Went and got some lunch and then came back home. I finally found this fan dubbed version of the Transformers Prime main theme with the fan adding her own lyrics! It's so great, because the lyrics capture the show perfectly and it's just... OMG. Here's the link to it! Check it out, by God!

Went to Flying Star and now ready for bed. Tomorrow should be fantastic! Get to see the Santa Fe Symphony perform Star Trek Through the Years! So stoked! Goodnight everyone.

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