November 1, 2013

Day 160

Crappy end to a crappy week. Today was not actually that bad, but recent developments have led me to believe that, yes, this is a pretty crappy week. The day started out very early. Aaron had morning detention, and being the good friend that I am, I went with him; got my reading done for English in that time, so that was good. Modern History was fun. We talked about all these creepy people and places throughout history (like Vlad the Impaler), and then had a work period.

Strings was good too. We looked at this weird Mexican piece that has rather tricky rhythms, which is misleading because the notes are easy, leading to a false sense of security. Fun piece, though. English was okay. We finished The Tempest! Yay. We got into groups of four and analyzed the ending of the play from the different characters' points of view. It was pretty fun, and at the end we got this packet about how others have interpreted  the play over the last four-hundred years. Over the weekend we are supposed to read the two viewpoints on the play and find evidence within the book that supports both positions (I can't do that... explained below).

Then came the Cross Country meet! The final one that I'll ever have to do, thank God! I ran my best time ever: a 26:40! I am so proud of myself, and just really happy that I both PR'ed and made it past my goal of 27 minutes! Happy day... or at least would have been had this crappy thing not happened. Basically... I lost my backpack. Yeah. This is me, a senior, who hasn't lost his backpack in seven freaking years at this school, and now of course on this pretty good day, and after this great Cross Country meet,  I lose my freaking backpack. Just saying, kinda sucks. Actually, it sucks a lot. All my shit's in there, man! WTF?! Aaron and I suspect that someone accidentally switched their backpack with mine when they took what looked like theirs, because we found a backpack that looked exactly like mine. Great.

So, Aaron and my Mom and I all go have dinner, and my Mom's all pushy for me to send this email to my coach saying that I lost the freaking backpack. Anyway, we eat (yummy dinner, though, so that's good), and then my Mom and I drive back to school to see if we can't find it. Well, no luck, but I did manage to find out who the person might be who took mine by mistake. I called and left a message when I got home, and hopefully (ideally), she'll be able to return it Monday with little hassle.

So yeah. Pretty crappy day to end a pretty crappy week. Oh, and if you want to know how bad my performance of Phantom went on Monday, here's the link. I'm sorry to your ears in advance. I have the SAT tomorrow. FML.

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