October 19, 2013

Days 146 and 147

Sorry about missing a day (and for the fact that my iPhone Blogger App didn't publish Thursday's post for some reason...) Anyway, here's a two-fer. Friday was good; I'm so glad it's the weekend. This week seemed to go on and on. Yesterday we worked on our Power Point presentation in Modern History for Tuesday. We have it all figured out now, and that's a load of stress off of my chest, which is good.

English was okay too. Talked about The Tempest, and my teacher discussed the controversy surrounding how the text should be taught. Interesting stuff. Then we analyzed the text itself, and looked at character motivation and complexities. Big fan of that stuff.

The rest of the day was pretty standard stuff for me. STAM and Strings were alright, and I got to fill out more of my Common App; almost ready to submit it, and I'm super stoked about it!

Today, I spent a good half of the day at the Cross Country meet up in Rio Rancho. I ran with the C team, which ran last, so I slept and sat around and cheered for the other people who ran before my race. It was a good race. I felt strong by the end, and the course, while all little hills and challenging, went quickly and by the end, I was smiling because I knew I had done it all without stopping to walk or rest! Yay!

Got my Senior Photos back today! Lookin' sharp. Then came home and folded some Luminaria bags while watching Buffy, and I can say proudly that I am doing my thesis work in watching the show! Cool.

Finally saw Gravity with Vanessa! We were both kinda like "wow" the entire time, and there were some teary parts and the visuals... oh my God. Just looks spectacular! Lots of spinning, though! We were both glad we saw it, and I had a great time. Watched more Buffy once I came home, and am now going to bed. Sorry for the rushed post; had to cram two days in one thing, and unlike a week's worth of material, there's not much I can add retrospectively to Friday. Whatever. Tomorrow, I rehearse Phantom again, and this might be the final weekend rehearsal before the big Musical Monday! Woot!

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