October 31, 2013

Day 159

Me as Malcolm Reynolds and my friend Davis as Spike! Whedonverse people right here!

Happy Halloween, everyone! I'm super excited because this is one of my favorite holidays, the others being Thanksgiving and Christmas... pretty much the last three months of the year are just amazing! Anyway, today was pretty cool. The AYS concert was not nearly as dreadful as I initially thought, and I had a great time with it. I think what really helped was that it was a new environment and a new stage on which to play, and that always excites me (because I'm young, and thus don't have much experience with this stuff; I'm sure that in like ten years I'll be like "good God people, why can't you just make the lighting right?") The concert itself was okay, and I got to get some of my English homework done for tomorrow.

So, Halloween! My school puts on a pretty good Halloween parade, in which both the Middle and Upper Schools come together and those in costume parade around the pavilion before dispersing for class, and it was pretty cool this year. Some friends of mine dressed up as Homestuck characters, others dressed as characters from Greece, which I have not seen, but apparently it's really popular, because like three girls dressed up as the same character, all of whom had not coordinated with each other. Aaron had this creepy clown mask and a fake exploded chest that was all zombie-like, and it was pretty badass! For myself, my costume was put together kinda last minute last night (we had all the material, but as is our way we naturally put off construction of the costume until the night before). Only three people knew who I was without me telling them, which just kinda makes me sad that no one has seen or heard of Firefly.

Started off the day with STAM, and we were all a buzz about not learning anything today... because it's Halloween, but we did get the introduction to our next unit. Aaron and I continue to doodle our awesome mural thing in my Math notebook, and today we created Octomus Prime (because, in Aaron's own words: "why not eight arms?")

Post was very good. It was about the only serious class today, and boy was it intense. We watched a documentary called Two Days in October about the Madison Wisconsin student protestors against the Dow Chemical company and the Battle of Ong Thanh. What I liked about this documentary, based on the book They Marched into Sunlight (which I now really want to read!), was that it showed both sides of each conflict: they had interviews with the 28th Regiment but also the Viet Cong generals, and they had interviews with some of the teachers and students of the Madison protests but then also had some of the police tell their side of the story. It was very powerful because it showed that the belligerents on both sides of each conflict are people, and that they have ideas and feelings and ideologies just as you and I do, and I thought that was a nice touch, and certainly one that is more often than not left behind to skew a conflicting issue one way or another.

Advanced English was nice today. We had a work day, and since I was mostly done with my play, I worked on revising it and then worked on inputting Davis' guitar tabs into my Phantom of the Opera Medley arrangement, just so I could have the complete set of what we did! We finally had Strings today, and we talked about our trip for Monday. On Monday, we're going to see the Santa Fe Symphony perform a pops concert of sorts. It's this "music and math" thing that they're putting on, but I'm calling it "Santa Fe Symphony performs Star Trek Through the Years and it's awesome!" So we talked about that, and then we played through this arrangement of the Hallelujah chorus for strings orchestra (obviously; we didn't sing it). It's okay, I guess. My teacher now wants parts for my concerto! So excited!

I'm surprised that I enjoyed that AYS performance so much tonight. The energy is I think what made it good. While I would have much preferred to be home handing out candy to little awesome cute costumed kids, I can appreciate the fact that we did a pretty kick-ass job at this gig, even though the audience was outright rude and needs to be burned for their rudeness (just kidding). Tomorrow, I head out early because Aaron has morning detention, and I figure I'd be a friend and go with him, because I try to be supportive of other people... in detention...

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