October 30, 2013

Day 158

There is something ecstatic about intelligent conversation, about engaging your mind in a discussion to the point where you actually think about the topic at hand long after the school day is over. Such happened today... really the whole day was full of thought-provoking discussions, interactions, and even just one-off interactions with teachers and friends full of stuff that I just kept connecting with other conversations that I'd had over the course of the day, and it felt so cool to be making all these connections!

What started as a rather boring day (I had that STAM test that actually went okay despite me not studying as much as I should have) turned into a great mind exercise. I suppose it started with my Modern History class in which we talked about the Enlightenment. Fitting really, as the rest of the day was full of intelligence and awesome. The class itself was fun too. The teacher gave us a rundown of the philosophers and types of government throughout history, and it was really cool.

The big thing that made the day what it was today was English 12. We talked about The Tempest as usual, but then the teacher had us do a great thought-experiment in which we thought about our lives when we were near retirement and she asked us to think about what advice we would give to our peers and the younger generation. That in and of itself was already cool; in my Focus Free-Write, I wrote about how all you need do in life is try something, do something that means something to you and you'll feel accomplished. But then we got into a great discussion about what makes you happy, and the amount of sides to this argument that my peers and I were on astounded me. I liked how everyone kept it rational and calm, even when someone disagreed. I feel like this is what college is like, y'know? Just intelligent people talking about an interesting topic. Anyway, that was fun. We then talked about this in relation to Shakespeare and how he probably thought about material wealth as a high point in his life at least, and that was interesting. Oh, and during all of this, my brain was running another thought experiment about the idea that Prospero is pretty much the cast of The Avengers rolled into a guy: he has power over the elements, he's very strong, he's very old and feels out of date with the other people on the island, and he's representing machinery in this place of nature, so I kinda see the Avengers in him a little bit.

I worked on my play before going to talk to a teacher about college stuff, and we instead got to talking about the idea of everything, every situation has a silver lining, and how optimism is clearly superior to pessimism. I got to thinking about how this related to our Shakespeare discussion, because in that we discussed how in order to be happy in life, you need to be able to see the good in people and situations. I liked that notion, and I liked that this conversation with this teacher tied back into my English class! That's really cool.

Cross Country was okay today. It was an easy day, and it rained! Woot! A short run later, and Aaron came to drive us home. Once home, I looked over my Common Application, and then submitted my first app! To Oberlin! Sweet! I'm so excited!!! Had spaghetti tonight, and then I made a whole lot of luminaria phone calls. It was a great day, and I"m looking forward to tomorrow. Holy crap! Tomorrow's Halloween!!! Awesometacular! And the new X-Men: Days of Future Past came out yesterday and I finally saw it! So great!

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